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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

A Fascination in Retrospection - A Wanderer's Year 2015

A Fascination in Retrospection - A Wanderer's Year 2015

For me, there's always a fascination in retrospection. 2015 is now a goner (going...going...goner).And how was this year for me as a wanderer, a traveler inwards and outwards?


In the season of severe winter, I roamed the arterial roads of Bengaluru, one day crossing through the city's ever bustling malls and streets, the other day as a humble visitor to Sultan Tipu's Palace. Namma Metro, Averkel Jatre, Bull Temple, Cubbon Park etc, ...My vocabulary kept growing along with the knowledge of this great city's geography !

When dusty heat waves swept through the length and breadth of my great country India, I was at home, embroiled in my own thoughts. Having a terrific family means that one is never unsure of his own abilities ! Then I saw the resilience of a city, Visakhapatnam in the aftermath of cyclone hudhud.

Rains brought the much needed succour and then the family trip. For the first time, I crossed the Vindhyas and Satpuras. Watching all the things go, standing at the door, in a moving train...- That's always truly nice. In Varanasi, I saw how culture and chaos co-existed happily. In Saranath, I saw how the symbolic mantras of 'Om Namah Shivaiah' and 'Om Mane Padma Hum' have complimented each other. I walked on places where great battles were fought but ultimately made way to peace, where the ritual of religion respected the logic of science and vice versa. I saw the might of the Ganges and the grace of the almighty. I saw the death of loyalty in the departure of Lucky !

But Inwards, It all remains the same. Status Quo Ante Bellam, in military parlance, one can say. A work in process..A tale in the making...

Yet, It is not just irony that at this moment, the home is where my heart is, and that's what I consider as my best place...with my family.

Happy New Year !

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