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Friday, 8 June 2018


As dark clouds from the South-West dominate the clear blue skies,
a welcoming roar of thunder begins like an echo of the nature's claps.
The first drops fall and the pleasant 'petrichor' resonates all around,
rejoice! the showers bring relief after the dreaded summer's pound.

Good bye to the tasty mangoes and to the anxious season of exams and results,
raincoats make a comeback, and power cuts are justified now as if on an impulse.
Millions watch these winds, the source of a year long fury or fortune,
and frustrated sweating makes way for pleasant drenching, but with a caution.

The prayers are answered, as the Monsoon holds us all in embracing entrall, 
a happy farmer, a reluctant school-going kid - This impacts all!
Let us soak in merry at the delightful warmth of the mother earth,
for these few rains reinforce and reiterate our inherent worth!


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