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Sunday, 11 March 2018

The Course of a River (Godavari)

I arise unmindful of my humble origins, blessed by the canopy of the Western Ghats -
at Nashik Triambakeshwar of Maharashtra, I start to the East without being fast.
My course gently demarcates districts, and Kings fought over my waters in the Past -
the belligerents changed at the present, yet I move  duty minded till the last.

Cutting the dominant Deccan Plateau, I am the solace of the parched throats of the People, -
Manjira, Pranhita, Indravati & others enrich me every year as if in a scripted sequel.
Numerous dams adorn my course, trying to channel my flow -
and this brings a joy to the one who toils in the farm and wields his/her plough.

Piligrims to Basar and Bhadradri dip in my waters, as like at many other holy places,
and I turn fast and deep matching the Wild terrain of  Papi Hills, indulging in Hide & Seek embraces.
Widening at the old Chalukyan Capital, I salute Sir Cotton's engineering prowess,
Finally I branch out in honor of great sages, creating the 'Rice Bowl' Delta with little loudness.

Sometimes when the rains are too much, or I'm just too angry, I take away life and property,
But always and almost, I'm benign and life giving, if only I'm understood properly.
The Coal mines, the lush green paddy fields, Fish, the coconut trees - all hues of my happiness.
This is the story of my course and now, I must flow with all pride and prettiness!

The Course of a River (Godavari)
River Godavari is India's second longest River which flows for a total of 1,465 Kilometres draining the states of Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Puducherry and empties into the Bay of Bengal, forming one of the largest river basins in India.
In the poem,
1st Stanza - Nashik Triambakeshwar is the place of origin of the River (Maharashtra)
2nd Stanza - Majira, Pranhita, Indravati are tributaries of the River
3rd Stanza - Basar, Bhadradri - famous piligrimage centres on the banks of the River and it's tributaries.
3rd Stanza - Old Chalukyan Capital refers to present day city of Rajamahendram in AP.
3rd Stanza - Sir Cotton refers to Sir Arthur Cotton
Picture above - Sunset across the River at Dindi resorts.

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