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Thursday, 4 January 2018

Who is a Begger?

The great leader clad in khaddar - a man of many words,
He bows before the foreign investors at summits,
He stoops so low every five years before his voters...
Yet, he is not a begger!

A corrupt cop, greedy and shabby - demands money as a right,
A jilted & unrequited lover, blinded & never too bright,
An official of the state, clothed in pride & power - yet likes flight over fight...
An unscrupulous businessman, lobbying lavishly with might -
Yet, none of them are beggers!

And here they are, in this land of Fine arts,
Men cursed by past & spurned by future,
Who run pillar to post, like ruined relics.
Whose once cherished art is now a crime,
Whose very existence is a matter of shame!

Yes - let us congratulate ourselves! Because we caught the real beggers.

1. Place and date
@ - Advocates Colony, Street no.5, Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana.
On - 4th of January, 2018.

2. 'Who is a Begger?' (poem) 
Today, I've seen a picture (as above) in The Hindu, where traditional Sankranthi based artists like Gangireddu melam (DuDu basavanna) were arrested and charged with the 'Prevention of Beggers Act 1977' read with rules thereon (ammended 2010).

Such a treatment only brings out the state's arbitary nature in dealing with artists. Just a few days back, during the Global Telugu Conference, aren't all these so called 'fine arts' displayed as a source of pride?

Pic credits - The Hindu

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