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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Scorched in Summer

(On Summer Season) 

There's no escape from the heat, even before the Ides of March,
But when it's May, we are just sitting ducks being so out marched.  
When the blazing Sun sizzles and scorches in his terrific might, 
The People of the East bow down, and make up a miserable sight!

Long before the clock strikes 9 AM, Temperatures flare and flame,
Alas, steaming hot main roads being empty, for every soul is so tame!
Is it Global Warming or are we just losing touch with reality?
Whatever be the reason, it's Summer, and helplessly let it be...

Sweaty days so profuse, Sultry is everything that moves...
There's no respite even during evening -a logic of weather, all by itself, disapproves! 
Every new day another deadly wave of Heat Stroke rears it's ugly head, 
May the season be over soon, we pray every night before going to the bed.

But, not everything's bad - consider the Mangoes - such yummy summer fruits!
Only two weeks for the Monsoon rain which brings forth many happy attributes!
As yet another brutal day of heat comes to an end, 
In the words 'Wait' and 'Hope", do all our thoughts depend!

References (If any)

1. Place and Date -
@ - # 16-7-16, Bhramara (Ground Floor), Saladi Jamindar Street, Palakollu, West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh - 534 260.
On -20eth of May, 2017

2. Subject - "Scorched in Summer" (On Summer Season)
Once again the month of May resulted in record of sorts regarding Temperature in Andhra Pradesh. 43 Degrees Celcius is being routinely breached, and, well, this poem is about the ferocity of the scorching Summer season.

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