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Saturday, 20 August 2016

A Flicker of Fame - Tricolor at Rio

(Tribute - Poem) 

On India's Campaign at Rio De Janeiro Olympics, 2016 &   dedicated to the Indian Olympians, especially the medal winners - PV Sindhu and Sakshi Malik

We sleep in cricket & wake up once in every four years,
The Olympics are on, this time at Rio & we get ready, full of pride so fierce,
We Hype instead of Hope, We shout instead of support, we chide when we must admire,
And when everything is over we bemoan at the perceived quagmire.

Is winning everything, or does a decent fight matter ?
This huge nation demands a medal, & did we expect a dozen on a platter ?
Misspell names, misplaced pride, mistaken notions or misuse of freedom of speech?
Those who went there tried daringly, before halting with a screech .

No budgets, a Himalayan institutional apathy? or just a matter of lack of luck?
But still, look at them, fighting lonely, garnering respect, surely a medal's a hard thing to pluck.
Lost but won, the Beijing Gold lad (Abhinav Bindra) & the Proud "Produnova" belle (Dipa Karmakar)
If we still believe winning's everything, we surely do live in a shell.

And from the patriarchal, hollow 'akharas' of Haryana, women fought,
A bronze to one among them is an 'evidence' for the success she sought, (Sakshi Malik)
Remember, life is so unfair, and the world is so diverse,
If we forget this, we are bound to be unrealistically perverse.

He lost as a fighter, head held high, (K Srikanth)
but then, what about her (PV Sindhu), for once she made the Tricolor fly so high,
Goosebumps & pride, joy & ecstasy, a cocktail of glory without a sigh,
A personal triumph, kudos to her & the team, this nation signs off with a neigh.

Before we take on the great nations in sports, Let us look inwards & have a change in mindset,
Let long term planning & execution rule over emotions, let hype be displaced by hope,
The road is long & the luck is short,till then let's be proud about what they did at Rio,
Win or lose, there was a flicker of fame & thus the tale of Tricolor at Rio ends.

References (If any)

1. Place and Date -
@ - # 2-175, Near Muthyalamma - Bhoolokamma Temple, Sagarnagar, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh - 530 045
On -19th of August, 2016

2. Subject - "A Flicker of Fame - Tricolor at Rio" (Tribute - Poem)
(On India's Campaign at Rio De Janiero Olympics, 2016 & dedicated to the Indian Olympians, especially the medal winners - PV Sindhu and Sakshi Malik)
India's struggle to garner medals at Olympics is well documented. Although, winning an Olympic medal cannot be a criteria on any scale, it is a sad fact and calls for a sea change in the way we perceive & prepare for games & sports' competitions. With only a few days to closing ceremony at Rio, we witnessed some terrific close finishes by Indian Olympians, (Abhinav Bindra, Dipa Karmakar, K Srikanth to name a few).
Hearty congratulations to the winners - PV Sindhu (Silver Medal - Women's Singles Badminton) and Sakshi Malik (Bronze Medal - Women's Wrestling Freestyle 58 Kg).

To their epic individual struggles, this poem is dedicated.  

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